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#1 2016-02-01 12:20pm

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1977 Race Inc. RA-7

1977 Race Inc. RA-7

Garage Sale Survivor

My friend, Dave Dibbern, picked this bad boy up for me, at a garage sale, knowing my passion for Race Inc. frames. Rumor has it, he paid $50. I won't tell you how much he sold it to me but I came up with a price that made it well worth his time.  He even delivered it to me at my shop and it made my day.  This thing was 100% survivor.  The color on the frame was unreal totally un-faded, like it was garaged the whole time, but this was not the case, as the cranks had faded to light pink while the anodized frame remained perfectly red.  I wouldn't mind getting this bike back to exactly the way it was, with new Oakley's and better tires someday but for now it will remain untouched, just the way he bought it from that guys garage.

Looking for: FMF FORKS and Raleigh Rampar Frame (aluminum)



#2 2016-02-01 2:42pm

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Re: 1977 Race Inc. RA-7

cool Restore that bad boy!

Chaby`s Coatings: Chrome/Gold Plating/Polishing and Powder coating. BMX Restorations. We restore more than just BMX bikes. CHABYS.COM  Find us on Facebook or call us @ 508-728-4590

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#3 2016-02-01 5:42pm

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Re: 1977 Race Inc. RA-7


'El Derecho de Vivir en Paz'



#4 2016-02-02 3:39pm

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Re: 1977 Race Inc. RA-7

more pictures!

ISO GOLD ANO FMF! WILL PAY UNTIL ACCOUNT IS EMPTY. I always leave feedback,,,why don't you??



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