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1978 Iverson Moto Cross

#1 2015-11-15 12:03pm

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1978 Iverson Moto Cross

1978 Iverson Moto Cross

Turkey Day Score

I picked this up during a visit to my sister in NY. I usually check the C.L. ads before I go, saw this and the seller hung onto it for me.
Easy pickup... I strapped this jive turkey to the back of my car and now I'm stuck with it, LOL.
It needs some proper resto on the forks (broke) and rims (peeling chrome), seat needs a little straightening....but mechanically everything else is OK, and many of the pieces are just fine. Looks to be all OG except one custom touch--the original owner's name etched onto the BB shell. Nice piece of 70's BMX history to look at, enjoy.



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