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1986 Unknown

#1 2015-10-17 8:21pm

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1986 Unknown

1986 Unknown

another mystery frame   

I got this old school 19" TT frame as part of a trade a few years ago. The guy told me he was pretty sure it's a diamondback but after some research it was pretty easy to figure out that it probably isn't. However I still have no clue what it is. It has provisions in the down tube and drive side bottom tail for a chain guard to be attached without clamps,so I thought maybe Schwinn, but no luck there either. The serial number is on the left side dropout. It does have a crack where the upper tail meets the seat tube and a really bad brush applied paint job. I got bored with it just hanging around so I threw it together as a beater.



#2 2022-08-02 7:37am

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Re: 1986 Unknown

I believe it's a Kent Ambush. :)

I believe the frame and fork were made by Akisu but it looks like you don't have the original fork.



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