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#1 2015-07-13 9:51pm

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2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

I built this one in 2013 but just finally got around to submitting it. I preordered the F/F/B when they were first announced and was one of the first to receive. I haven't seen a lower serial # in white. It's probably a little too colorful for some, but being an 80's freestyle kid this is just how I would have liked to build it BITD. I tried to make every part possible red, white, or blue. Its also the only 24" in my collection... I keep it around for those long rides, when I don't want to use my 20"s.




#2 2015-07-14 7:30pm

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Re: 2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

Right on! cool

I got one of these OG ones in Chrome when they first came out too.

I sold mine. I couldn't stand the way it rode. But they sure look cool. cool

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#3 2015-08-05 5:59pm

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Re: 2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

cool  nice use of colors on that one



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