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#1 2015-06-05 9:45pm

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1976 FMF Pro

1976 FMF Pro

1976 FMF 20 bmx. I know some of you guys are gonna debit this one, but I got this frame with original stickers and it was anodized blue. I thought i would change the color scheme up a bit. Skyways, tu



#2 2015-06-05 9:49pm

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Re: 1976 FMF Pro

I think it's a nice bike - hard to tell from the angle and distance of the one picture tongue roll

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#3 2015-06-06 8:46pm

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Re: 1976 FMF Pro

Mohr pix! cool

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#4 2015-06-26 7:22pm

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Re: 1976 FMF Pro

Looks like it has a brake bridge making it a '77. Looks like it has an Air Foil top tube, making it a Cycle Pro Foiler or a Race Inc (less likely as it has diamond drop outs). Dont think they ever made a factory blue ano FMF frame. And lastly, it doesnt have the punched hole in the front gusset.

Not a lot of debating here brother, a mod accidently approved a bike as a model that it is not, and with only one vague pic at best, sheesh.

Awesome bike, but not a '76 FMF from the single pic shown.

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



#5 2015-11-17 6:15am

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Re: 1976 FMF Pro

cool Foiler, pretty rare itself!

ISO GOLD ANO FMF! ((Or Gold!!)) I always leave feedback,,,why don't you??



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