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#1 2015-06-05 9:41pm

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1979 AMF Aggressor 450MX

1979 AMF Aggressor 450MX


AMF Agressor looks to be all original except the seat.  I have not seen many of these but I believe it came with a longer seat.  The forks and handlebars on this are pretty cool. If you have any other info on this guy let me know because I was probably ridding a big wheel in 1979;)

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#2 2015-06-05 10:02pm

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Re: 1979 AMF Aggressor 450MX

Awesome bike !!!

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Looking for 83 Atari predator for Sawdy Jr's first project bike. Pm me with what you've got.
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#3 2015-06-06 8:50pm

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Re: 1979 AMF Aggressor 450MX

Crazy man! yikes cool

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