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#1 2015-06-04 2:15pm

From: Bristol, UK
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1999 2 Hip Pork

1999 2 Hip Pork

Not 100% on year but this is my newly acquired, heavy as hell, 2 Hip Pork.

After 15 years of wanting one I finally own 1 (2 actually, an alloy one as well that will be built soon).
Raw finish on 2 Hip frame and forks

Redneck stem

S&M Castillio bars

Primo cranks

Alex wheels

Primo Tenderiser pedals

Note, I have just bought this so can't take any credit for its build but I may just keep it like this smile
Not sure of year, it's POR887 if anyone can help?

Wanted: Standard 125R



#2 2015-06-04 3:20pm

From: Varies
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Re: 1999 2 Hip Pork

Nice Tank! Mid School Beast! I like the way it is set up. Ride it! cool

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#3 2015-06-05 1:03pm

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Re: 1999 2 Hip Pork

That thing will be around after the Nuke's go off. It is built to last. cool

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#4 2015-11-14 5:33am

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Re: 1999 2 Hip Pork

I suspect that it's a 99-00 model year. The same gyro tabs that were used on the Soul frame are on this frame. I had (and am searching for) an 97-98ish 4130 Pork. Also the machined headtube and clear powder coat finish were something's from turn of the millenia time.

Nothing to see here. Move along.



#5 2015-12-25 11:53pm

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Re: 1999 2 Hip Pork

Thats a nice bike.



#6 2016-05-23 3:52am

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Re: 1999 2 Hip Pork

nice pickup

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