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2006 Stolen Heist

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2006 Stolen Heist

2006 Stolen Heist

Reimagined as Black Death
SOLD 3/2017

Tried to validate the actual model with Dave at Stolen, but couldn't quite come up with it for sure. First he thought it was a 2007 Paddy Wagon, but that has a Spanish BB, and this is Euro. Then he thought 2006 Five-O, but those seem to have gyro tabs, and that's where the trail went cold. My best guess is Heist, but no way to actually prove it.

So I thought about things that get stolen, and souls came to the top of my list, so I've named it after the biggest soul-stealing plague to ravage the planet. The Black Death.
When I got it the frame was spray-bombed silver, over the original brown paint. Went raw with the finish, so stripping it was a PITA. I knew I couldn't mechanically strip any of it as all the marks would show, so I went about the painstaking process of stripping by hand with chemicals, 0000 steel wool and a brass brush. Took a lot longer than normal.
All the decals are custom waterslides. The weird spy vs. spy guy is a Dr. outfit that doctors wore during the plague to protect them from infection, sort of a lo-fi gas mask.

Build thread here:



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