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#1 2015-05-26 11:54am

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1991 GT JR Performer 16

1991 GT JR Performer 16

Fun in a small Package!

Here is a, I'm guessing, a 1991 Gt Jr Performer. It's been repowdered and hard to read serial. I have a daughter moving up the ranks in a couple years, but for now my boys (6 & 9) are fighting over it. Love how they think pink is cool!



#2 2015-05-26 1:18pm

From: Edison, New Jersey
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Re: 1991 GT JR Performer 16

Sir- Very Nice Little Jr. Performer.  Great Job on the bike.  I love the Pink!!!  I also preferred switching out the rimmed wheels for Mags.   Did you switch out the original 127mm Cranks also for larger ones?

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#3 2015-05-27 7:06am

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Re: 1991 GT JR Performer 16

Very cool Justin! Way to keep the kids involved big_smile



#4 2015-05-28 4:36am

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Re: 1991 GT JR Performer 16

Nice, I started my boy on a VFR 12, now a Wallgoose 16 with knock off mags as I could not pull the trigger on Skyway 16" .... We have a 20" + mini's in the stable when he is ready to move up. Got to love it when the kids get hooked.

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