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2007 DK General Lee 24

#1 2015-05-16 9:04am

sloppy headset
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2007 DK General Lee 24

2007 DK General Lee 24

2007 DK General Lee 24, S/N: U77U22565 (July 2007 frame)Went looking for a new school 24" locally, at the same time that I bought my Shadow Conspiracy Invisible:Man to have a parts source, and came across this General Lee on Craigslist. Terribly spray-bombed and abused to nearly dead, it sat in pieces for almost two years before I decided to resurrect it for the 2015 Spring build-off. Mostly used whatever I had lying around and what I like, as this will be a rider, not a carpet queen. Powder done by 'Bright Side Customs' in Toronto. New c. 2003 (best style IMO) decals from the 'bay.
Frame: 2007 DK General Lee 24"
Fork: No idea. I originally thought it was the OG DK fork, because I bought the bike (badly spray-bombed) as a complete, but after looking at the other submissions to the site, the forks obviously aren't DK's.
Headset: FSA Pig DH, MacNeil top cap. (thanks Dave!)
Detangler: No.
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Bars: Hoffman Racing Bars, 8" rise (from Zac)
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Bar-ends: ODI
Lever: No-name super-comfy spring-assist.
Brake: Odyssey Springfield
Crank: rider-condition Schwinn XS
Chainwheel: Free Agent 30t
Pedals: Rider-condition Hoffman DX-style
Front Wheel: Sun sealed 36h hub, Alienation Black Sheep rim (was the back rim that came on the bike when I bought it...)
Rear Wheel: Sinz cassette hub w/12t driver, chrome Odyssey Hazard lite rim
Tires: Odyssey Aitken Path
Seat: DK jump seat
Seatpost: DK goalpost
Seatpost Clamp: something I had lying around (old Fusion 25.4?)

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Re: 2007 DK General Lee 24

Nice save!! cool

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