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1997 Jad Street Style Sherman

1997 Jad Street Style Sherman

This is the purple Street Style frame you see posted up here in the museum by Ronoc. when I bought it off Conner, he had already powdercoated it and the forks black. I had it signed by Mike DiMartino,

This bikes' nick name "Street Style" Sherman is what it became know as on the streets... the name Street Style Sherman was never referred to by Mike DiMartino of Jad. this was created to be a freestyle bike or as Mike put it, "A Trick bike"... and has double drop outs and the brace for heavy duty abuse. Originally built up with all Jad parts but changed things up. Parts are:
Frame: Jad Freestyle
Forks: Jad Freestyle female hub
Bars: OG VDC Freestyle 1st Gen (originally white)
Bar-ends: Snafu
Stem: Snafu
Headset: LE Chris King
Gyro: Snafu
Wheels: Mission
Tires: Odyssey BareFeet
Pegs: Snafu
Seat/post: Snafu
Cranks: Redline double pinch
Spider: Jad
Chainring: Tangent
Pedals: Crupi
Cages: Hutch
Brakes: Diacompe 990's
Jad cable guides.

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