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#1 2015-03-03 11:02pm

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2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air

2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air

2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air built with 2000 Haro Mirra Pro parts

In 2000, I purchased a brilliant red Dave Mirra Pro Model. Most definitely the prettiest and HEAVIEST bike I ever owned. 38 lbs. After two years of heavy abuse, my father found a blue 2002 Mirra 540 Air at a local trading post. I swapped out the parts and continued to ride this bike until 2007. In 2014, I decided to dig it out of the basement and put some life back into it. I topped it off with new Haro PC pedals, Haro seat, 2014 Haro Lineage stem, Kink tires and Stolen plastic pegs. Despite the heavy weight, this is still one of the smoothest riding bikes ever as long as you don't try to bunnyhop with it.

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#2 2015-03-04 1:36pm

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Re: 2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air

Looks great man.  And yes, I agree.  It's one smooth riding beast.

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



#3 2015-03-04 5:11pm

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Re: 2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air

Great wheels & tires. Looks good..

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#4 2015-08-22 4:28pm

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Re: 2002 Haro Mirra 540 Air

This is S I C K!

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