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#1 2015-02-26 12:06pm

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1993 Haro Sport

1993 Haro Sport

OG beauty!!

I had some ideas about a different for me freestyle build & this particular F/F came about when I saw Matt (Chromey) mention something in a thread about him selling his 93 Sport he bought BITD. After a little back n forth, I decided to get the VERY clean F/F/bashguard/post/clamp/pegs from him. This happened about a month or so prior to the build off starting up so I knew I had a good start to a potentially great build.

As most members do, I thought ‘catalog’ build but quickly changed my mind before buying key parts, namely the bars. These Peregrines I ended up using just kinda appeared FS just shortly after getting the F/F combo. The rest of the parts I sorta had, just waiting for the right build to come along.

The brakes took some time to figure out because I wanted a color combo but couldn’t make up my mind on what direction to go. I contemplated white Dia-Compe 883 front/Odyssey Pitbull brakes and was sold on that til getting an opinion from Matt, decided to go with the lightly polished ACS 860s that I actually had on another build, but decided to switch them out to go on this. Oddly enough, I happen to come across a great deal on a set of 4th gen non-stamped Profiles that would fit this era build on-da-money, so that got the drivetrain going.

The next few pieces were throwing me as sometimes although not rare per se, sometimes difficult to come across non-obliterated from use. The chainwheel I had a WTB for a little bit with no luck as I missed at least 3 while on the search. One of my BMX brothers came to my aid with a heads up on this one that just happen to appear FS. I pounced!! Next was the pedals. I had an idea to go with Shimano DX/SX but monetarily, the DXs were outta my reach & the era was a little off. Checking into the catalog I realize Haro had their own knockoff shape of the DXs with their Fusion pedals. Along with the chainwheel, my WTB thread was looking for the pedals as well. I happened upon them from another great member who was helping out finding the chainwheel, which he didn’t have but he did have these great pedals, which also including the extra set of end caps in the rare blue no one seems to have. Blammo… another great detail for the build.

The clamp I got from Matt, although did fit the frame, just wasn’t what I wanted for this build and so started the search for the Fusion one. Unfortunately for me, Haro did make 2 sizes in this same clamp, so after getting the wrong size the first time, I made sure the seller measured it for me prior to buying the 2nd time. The Jive’s were a no-brainer for me seeing as they were popular & era correct to boot.

The wheelset… ah the wheelset. I knew I wanted 48h wheels just coming up with the scratch to procure what I wanted was the issue. Just like many of us, all the money each of us makes doesn’t, as much as we hate it, go into this fun sport (call it what you will) of building bikes, so I had to be penny-wise as much as possible.

Little backstory: I’ve been riding mountain bikes since 97 & have gotten really good at just doing all my own building/fixing/adjusting all my own parts & buying the tools to do so. Tools from a real Park headset press & Santa Cruz bearing install/removal tools to more basic tools like chain breakers & T-handle allen ‘wrenches’ with the little ball head on them. I had them all & enjoyed doing most anything with them, which served me well when taking BMX back up in 2010. That is everything but wheel building & bleeding hydraulic brakes. Well not getting into the bleeding thing & focusing on the wheel building, I decided I wanted to, and have been for years, get myself a Park truing stand. I checked with CB on here to find out a good one since he has done many wheels for members over the years. The Park TS2 model was the weapon of choice as it had many of the features a basic stand doesn’t. As so happens, prior to the build-off but still this year, I came across a incredible deal on a brand new TS2 stand including the tilting base & 3 nipple wrenches & the extenders for 29er wheels (you never know when you need to build a set of those for someone) for a price I couldn’t touch normally. I knew a guy that just bought out a closing bike shop and this was a combo included in that buyout. So after buying, it sat… til I knew I needed to build my wheelset for this bike, not buy an already built wheelset.

After going to the IN show earlier this year and talking with a member off here about wheels/hubs in general, I bought a set of Primo sealed hubs. He mentioned to me that out of the different combos of hubs he’s used, these were a great product vs price hub. At the time, BMXguru had them for… wait for it… $14 + shipping for the set of them. 3/8” axle, sealed & hi-flange. Unbelieveable right!! So I had these sitting around waiting for a build or when I had the gumption to actually start building my own wheelset. Of course the issue wasn’t the actual lacing for me, it was figuring that elusive nemesis, the length of spokes. Fast forwarding, I found a rim set I liked that would go well with the build/hubset. After getting them in my hands, set out to do the math, which I guess I got correctly because here they sit on the completed build. 2 parts of wheel building, the lacing, then the truing. Got’em both right the first time & I love building wheels now. This was my 2nd set of wheels I did. The first are on my GT Fueler that I ‘tested’ with to get things right. By no means am I an expert, but I’ve gotten 2 wheelsets done with not much trouble.

OK enough of the babbling, onto the picts…

Parts List:
•Frame: 93 Haro Sport, OG chrome & decals
•Forks: 93 Haro Sport, cro-mo, OG chrome & decals
•Grips: Jive Tenacles
•Handlebars: Peregrine Q 1.5s, 2nd gen, cro-mo, OG
•Stem: Haro Fusion, cro-mo shaft, OG
•Headset: Tioga Bear Trap II; silver
•Brake Levers: Tech 77; OG
•Brake Calipers: ACS 860
•Brake Cable: black
•Chain: Izumi 1/2” x 1/8”
•Cranks: 4th gen non-stamped Profiles, 175mm
•Chainwheel: Haro Fusion 44t alloy chainwheel
•Pedals: Haro Fusion, cro-mo shaft
•Seat: Kasimax FS
•Seat Clamp: Haro Fusion
•Seat Post: Haro Fusion; chrome
•Freewheel: Shimano 16T
•Tires: Kenda K55 skinwalls
•Valve Caps: chrome metal
•Wheels: 48 chrome alloy rims with Primo sealed hubs; 2nd set of wheels I've laced/trued on my own wink

entry pict & how I got it from Matt minus the headset

final picts

extra shots

on the way home

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#2 2015-02-26 12:54pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Nice build,great looking bike.

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#3 2015-02-26 1:03pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Sweet build!!!  It looks great and its really nice to see something other than a cookie-cutter build.  Cool too that you built the wheels.  Its a very satisfying skill.

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



#4 2015-02-26 2:11pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Gorgeous ride. These mid school bikes are a lot more fun to build up.



#5 2015-02-26 3:38pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Nice bike and cool background shots smile



#6 2015-02-26 3:50pm

Museum Addict
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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Awesome bike and photo's to boot!

That chit will buff out



#7 2015-02-26 4:23pm

Pro Membersloppy headset
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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Niiice build Wrxwagon!

I just recently got done with my midschool Sport, and though I went with 90 decals, the more I look at em, the more I like the 93 decals. This is sooooper clean, and your parts really fit the era and the bike. The Q-Bars are awesome. Congrats on a perfect 90's Sport. Fav'd.

43! Ahahahahahaha... 43.

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#8 2015-02-26 4:27pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Nice work and great photo,s to ....................big_smile cool

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#9 2015-02-26 6:12pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Very clean, and awesome build!!



#10 2015-02-26 8:04pm

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Great build bro.... hope to see it at the spring fling this year smile



#11 2015-02-27 1:40am

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

cool ride



#12 2015-02-27 9:28am

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

I'm not a fan of the catalogue builds, I dig the originality. Nice bike man!

WTB: Animal Bob Scerbo bars



#13 2016-01-19 6:59am

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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Just stumbling across this thread.
SO SO SO happy to see this bike built and being ridden.  I've had that frame set in my possession since 1992-93, It was originally my younger brother's - but he got way more into skateboarding during the early 90s - so this bike (thankfully now) really never got used and abused the way it could have been - and I was still riding my 92 Master at the time — so the sport was pretty much preserved hanging in the rafters of my parent's garage for 20+ years.

It is/was sentimental to me, but I'm much happier seeing these pics of the Sport built with such proper parts - and especially being ridden and taken out on adventures.

Thanks for giving this one a second life. smile

— — — — —
"It's all ball bearings nowadays...."



#14 2016-08-12 7:58pm

Guadalupe. cornejo
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Re: 1993 Haro Sport

Nice rekoescbmx




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