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#1 2015-02-05 8:44pm

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1983 Skyway T/A

1983 Skyway T/A

I assembled this one over the last few weeks after buying most of the parts over the past year. It is a original finish 1983 Skyway with the original decals left in place. Most of the parts are in used condition with some sort of nicks, scratches and small defects. It could have been this way in the 80's, but I built it recently. It rides extremely well.



#2 2015-02-05 9:43pm

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Re: 1983 Skyway T/A




#3 2015-02-06 5:22am

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Re: 1983 Skyway T/A

Another excellent bike! Great job! cool

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#4 2015-02-06 12:50pm

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Re: 1983 Skyway T/A

Beautiful ride!!!!!!!!!

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#5 2016-01-14 6:24pm

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Re: 1983 Skyway T/A

That looks great man!

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