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#1 2015-02-05 8:44pm

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1981 Race Inc. RA-7

1981 Race Inc. RA-7

This is another bike that I aseembled over the last few weeks. It is a really nice original ano RA-7. Most of the parts have a used look to them with the exception of the tires and the pedals.  It takes me back to a time in the early 80's when I first set foot at a BMX track.



#2 2015-02-05 9:43pm

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Re: 1981 Race Inc. RA-7

Awesome. smile



#3 2015-02-06 3:32am

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Re: 1981 Race Inc. RA-7

Really Dig the Gold Anno Look... wink

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#4 2015-02-06 4:12am

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Re: 1981 Race Inc. RA-7

tonguetonguetongue Nice FAT welds! Very cool old school!

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#5 2015-02-06 5:20am

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Re: 1981 Race Inc. RA-7

Nice looking bike!

I don't know why it is that Race Inc's and SE's (Aluminum bikes) just always go so well with Skyways. They set it off.

Thanks for sharing! cool

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#6 2015-02-06 2:20pm

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Re: 1981 Race Inc. RA-7


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