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#1 2015-02-02 2:08pm

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2009 Diamondback BMX

2009 Diamondback BMX

rare aftermarket DB frame

I stumbled across this frame on craigslist and it didn't look like a complete frame as the top tube seemed much longer. I offered the guy who had it $50 for it and he accepted. At first after connecting with some other bros on here we thought it was an accomplice frame, however the top tube was 21.125" and the accomplice was 20.50. After digging a little bit I came across a vital bmx story about the "all new Diamondback "BMX" aftermarket frame" I was stoked to find such a rare frame and I love the geometry of it. A little heavy for a new school aftermarket frame at 5 pounds, but I am no small boy and need the stout setup. here is a link for more info on this frame. … test-ride/          I decided to go with 87 decals since I love that look on new school bikes!
Frame: Diamondback "BMX"
Forks: Fly bikes
stem: Sunday (custom painted gray)
cranks: Stolen team cranks
Sprocket: DK khan
Chain: shadow half link
Tires: Fit FAF 1.95 skinwall
Brakes: Eclat salt
wheels: no name
Grips: ODI lock on rogue

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