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#1 2014-12-24 4:19pm

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1978 Laguna 100

1978 Laguna 100

Before 101 was THE 100

SOLD.  Restoration of my Laguna 100. 

Picked up the frame set about a two years ago from Museum addict tortuga thinking it was a 101.  The original frame decal was worn and faded.  I'd spend hours studying the decal never quite able to make out the 101.  After much ongoing research and investigation, and later coming across a Laguna ad from 1978, I realized the frame set I possessed was of the 100 series. 
I caught another break to the mystery about a year ago when I grabbed an original Laguna 100 downtube decal from  Pro Member larock. 
A few months ago a semi-complete Laguna 100 decal set popped up on ebay, and the build was on! 
A special thanks to tortuga and larock.
Show me another....



#2 2014-12-25 5:40am

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Re: 1978 Laguna 100

I know nothing about these but I like what I see and those fork dropouts are cool



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