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#1 2014-12-21 1:28pm

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2001 Marin MBX 500

2001 Marin MBX 500


Purchased the frame as NEW OLD STOCK, and built it from there! Weighs right at 25 lbs. as pictured!  Landing Gear forks, SINZ bladed spoke cassette wheelset, Mission 175 cranks.  Cool little bike!

...fearing the Lord, repenting for sin...  Giving thanks always!

PLEASE buy my bike stuff - I need the room!



#2 2016-08-02 9:02pm

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Re: 2001 Marin MBX 500

Very cool build! I don't think the Marin's got the love they deserve. Beautiful welds.



#3 2016-08-02 9:10pm

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Re: 2001 Marin MBX 500

I've owned 2
They are very nice designed, sweet construction.

Would like lots of bikes but the SE Hauler is one that has a lot of sentimental value to me. Anyone got one?



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