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#1 2014-11-21 2:38pm

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1992 Redline Platinum

1992 Redline Platinum

Redline's limited edition 20 year anniversary frame set

  Very unique frame set made in the USA from Redline.  Frame & fork are finished w/ a beautiful pearl over metallic silver.  Rear dropouts are made by Suntour.  Suspension fork is made by Browning Arms Co.  Fork has a three position adjustment on the suspension.  Very unique steer tube design.  1 1/4" threaded base w/ a 1 1/4" threadless top on the steer tube. Not a big fan of the stock RL stem.  So, I was bummed that one of my other 1 1/8" stems wouldn't fit.  After owning this for over 4 years I finally acquired all the era correct parts to suit the build I had in mind.
  Story goes that only 50 bmx frame sets were made and 50 MTB frame sets were made.  Mine is  #21 of the numbered frame sets.  There has been several other frame sets that have surfaced without any reference number of #1 - #50 so, who knows how many of these were actually made.

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#2 2014-11-22 5:42am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Thats awesome, unique as :^)



#3 2014-12-02 10:43am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

I have always thought these bikes were cool.  I am not sure how many were made, I did know they were limited however if only 50 were made I have probably seen 1/5 of them at bike shows.  Most def. a cool ride.

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#4 2015-03-20 10:04am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Not the pretiest bike ever made, but very cool though.

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#5 2015-07-13 7:01am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Holy shit man! You're a baller now! Congrats.. I would kill to get the ultimate Redline - 92 Platinum of course!

Let me know know if you ever want to sell.. wink

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#6 2015-07-27 11:09am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

awesome RL..!

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#7 2016-03-03 6:41am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum


Being an adult is the dumbest thing I've ever done.

A Redline, the fastest way between two points.

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#8 2016-06-08 10:16pm

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Very cool

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#9 2017-09-21 9:03am

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Not related to Browning Arms Company by the way, or the other Browning family (of BACo relation).  it's Cycle Suspension LTD of England, and a different Mr. Browning.

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#10 2018-10-13 2:28pm

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Re: 1992 Redline Platinum

Very cool bike. I would not mind having one



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