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1999 Haro Mirra Pro

#1 2014-11-17 12:54pm

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1999 Haro Mirra Pro

1999 Haro Mirra Pro

1999 Haro Mirra Pro. Built as daily rider.

Bought this off original owner and changed a few things. Mirra Pro. Mirra pro bars. U.S. made Big Block stem. Mirra Pro black/white seat. Primo ROD seat post. alex supra wheels laced to free agent sealed hubs. Fusion chrome cranks. NOS small block pedals. Mega-nuke sprocket in raw. Made it this far to getting this thing ready to ride and screwed up my arm so now its setting and waiting.

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING STUFF - ** MADE IN U.S.A. MIRRA AND BACKTRAIL/NYQUIST PRO FRAMES, AS WELL AS MADE IN U.S.A. STAMPED MIDSCHOOL HARO PARTS** ALSO, interested in Mirra pro/S351/Y2K completes & framesets & other mid-school Haro stuff including - chrome fusion cranks, OS1 & OS2 cranks, Hevron stems, Made in U.S.A. big & smallblock stems, Big Block pedals, Mega Hubs W/female axles, Mirra seats, White wall Haro tires - any midschool haro stuff from around 95-2005 , especially Mirra and backtrail/nyquist pro stuff
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#2 2015-01-03 8:45am

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Re: 1999 Haro Mirra Pro

This bike is sick!  :cool:

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