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1976 Raleigh Rangler MX

1976 Raleigh Rangler MX


Found this NOS 1976 Raleigh Rangler MX at an old bicycle shop.All the parts fitted are NOS except the seat post clamp,handlebar,tires and missing mudguard rubber flaps.
A school friend of mine used to ride this bike to school way back in the early 80s.That bike too was used for bmx stunts and was used to race in our local 80s dirt track.Now I've secured one,not 100% complete build to specification but am glad it made it's way into my collection of bmxs.
Happy Viewing.
27th July 2016
Replaced several NOS original Raleigh Rangler MX parts :
(1) NOS Sturmey Archer 18T Freewheel
(2) NOS Raleigh Seat Clamp
(3) NOS Raleigh Rangler MX Rear Reflector
(4) NOS Raleigh Rangler MX Handlerbar
(5) NOS Raleigh Rangler MX grips
(6) NOS Headlight and dynamo set
(7) NOS Raleigh Rangler MX mudguard flaps



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