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#1 2014-10-09 4:52pm

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2013 S&M Holmes 22

2013 S&M Holmes 22

When I get sloppy the wheel base and 22"wheels suck up the dizzaster

This bike is the ultimate STREET BRUSIER,the original parts on this kit,was taken from my STOLEN SAINT XLT ,then I twisted the 2peice spindle,put profile cranks on it,Twisted that spindle too and bent the crank arms and pedal shafts.The REVENGE WHEELSET is really durable I am inpressed with those hubs.This is my most comfortable bike I own.HEAVY DUTY PROFILE COLUMN CRANKS,in the works next,to keep on shredding.Scabs all over it ..."GOTTA RIDE THIS "

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#2 2014-10-09 11:41pm

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Re: 2013 S&M Holmes 22

Nice rig.....awesome to see an action shot......I think I'm gonna take a cue from you and start adding an action to each of my bikes.

Mongoose/Fusion aluminum bars in pro size. 14" GT Zoot Scoot, Dyno Pretzel Bars and Drain Pipe 22.2mm and Dyno Slammer forks.
I need these, so get at me please.



#3 2014-10-10 3:00pm

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Re: 2013 S&M Holmes 22

Nice! cool Massachusetts in the hizzy! lol

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