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1987 Dyno Pro Compe

#1 2014-10-02 9:03am

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1987 Dyno Pro Compe

1987 Dyno Pro Compe

new project

I bought this bike 4 years ago for $30 of some junkman who collects metal. I thought it was just a regular cheap dyno compe since i was still a newbie at this bmx hobby, so i sold it to a friend of mine for the price i paid for it and he didnt know much either but he fixed it up. i helped him get all the dyno parts. after 3 years passed by i noticed he never road the bike at all, he just had it in his storage room rotting away so i offerd to buy it back from him. we worked out a deal that if i was to help him fix up his 1960 vert bug that he would give it to me. so i did help him. Now im trying to restore it with parts from the right era, but all the good parts since its going to be a daily rider that i will be riding for flat land and vert!!!!!!!!   [img]1908038_755717181137615_2049206673464918244_n[/img] :) :)

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#2 2015-04-14 10:56pm

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Re: 1987 Dyno Pro Compe

Oh man, PLease tell me that the main photo is how you are keeping it...LOVE IT badass

Wanted: '86 Lavender GT or Dyno 2169 seat
                 Maui blue rear Nippon
                 1/2" DX spindles with good seals



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