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1984 Takara Outlaw

#1 2014-09-16 9:12pm

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1984 Takara Outlaw

1984 Takara Outlaw

Outlaw with a superman twist

SOLD....Picked up the F/F at a local bike shop stashed away in the basement. Sat for a year then stumbled across the Lester mags at the same shop! Also picked up the nos sugino 40t chainwheel and chrome v bars. Bar pad purchased on the museum(thanks rcsnipe2000). Added new grips,seat and post and took it for a spin -love the look of the old looptails with the head gusset. Think im diggin the black knobbies instead of the blue comp type skinwalls. What do you think?

Fightin' the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.



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