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#1 2014-08-29 10:24am

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1983 Harbor Lite Mini-Lite

1983 Harbor Lite Mini-Lite

Harbor-Lite was a 'boutique' brand sold & marketed through the Bicycle Harbor Bike Shop (Mesa, AZ). The frame & forks were manufactured by CW/Trackmaster, while Navajo Racing Products manufactured their line of  handlebars & 'sew-up' mini forks. There was also a Harbor-Lite Mini Stem (manufactured by DK), it was identical to a DK Mini Stem except it didn't have the usual DK logo stamped into the top cap. A later version was introduced where the top cap & base had a hole drilled through the center of it.



#2 2014-11-07 7:37pm

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Re: 1983 Harbor Lite Mini-Lite

Very cool to see another one.. I have a Harbor Lite Pro Size frame/fork..  Would love to get my hands on a frame decal like that .. smile

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Re: 1983 Harbor Lite Mini-Lite

Way cool. I'm an AZ native and didn't know that they were based in Mesa. Pretty cool.



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