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#26 2014-09-20 6:26am

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Re: Is this guy being a dick? What would you do?

I listed a near complete up once on ebay and put a low starting bid, but high shipping price.  As I really look at total bundled price anyhow, I never really felt high shipping prices were a big deal anyhow...more or less just means lower bid prices.  I did it as sort of a "reserve" if you will.

A local guy bought it for a very low bid and asked if he could skip the shipping costs and just swing by to pick it up.  I couldn't bare to tell him 'no' so I took a small bath on the deal.  No more inflated shipping prices from me.

I'm travelling this week....anything purchased will be shipped on ~6/6/20.

Hutch Fun Facts: All main line Hutch's with digits only S/N (no letters or baseballs) on the rear drop outs were US made and had their dropouts stamped between late '83 and '86.  Obviously the frame manufacture would occur slightly after that, even if they just threw 'em in a bucket randomly.  There is an obvious date code in that the first 2 digits seem to be the month and the 3rd digit is pretty obviously the last digit of the year running from '83-'86.



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Re: Is this guy being a dick? What would you do?

Like many others said:

  • The seller cannot leave the buyer negative feedback (since about 2009?) only vice versa.

  • The guy chose his own price, no one forced him to list it for $9.98.

  • The seller just wanted to make a sale based on total price being lower then whine about getting more later to cover his loss.

  • It's against eBay policy to ask for additional fees of ANY kind after a sale is made on a properly listed item.

  • On eBay, they charge seller commission based on sales price but not shipping (PayPal charges commission on total of both) so the guy is a real dumbass making his rolling his shipping into the item.

I don't even use the FREE SHIPPING option on eBay any more (even if I raise the item price to cover it) because eBay then gets a bigger rake.

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