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#1 2014-08-05 9:33am

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1985 Redline 500a

1985 Redline 500a

Found in a wood shop, bike was in rough shape and unrideable but frame was in a pretty good state. Took apart completely and rebuilt - my first build!

This is my first build! I found the bike (complete) in a wood shop in Brooklyn, bought it for $100. Bike itself was in rough shape, unridable. I've never worked on a bike before and have only ever owned a 26" cruiser (as an adult). I planned to take the bike to the shop and have them just make it rideable for me. It was the beginning of summer and the first appointment they had was a month out. I made the appointment and brought the bike to my office. After seeing it sitting there everyday I began to get antsy and really wanted to ride it so I decided to rebuild it myself. Taking the bike apart was easy! I replaced a lot of parts and not knowing much about BMX bikes, a big hurdle for me was knowing what to buy, specifically what would mechanically fit and what was "era appropriate." Luckily I have a friend who is very knowledgeable at this and helped me with lots of advice and picking out a couple key parts like the chain wheel. This was an awesome learning experience for me, now I'm hooked! I have three more bikes I'm working on now...

I replaced most of the parts on the bike but the brakes (Dia-Compe / Bulldog) and stem are original.
Parts List* Sugino 44t Chainwheel  (bought on BMX Museum)
* KMC BMX Bicycle Chain
* Kenda K50 Comp 3 tread BMX skinwall tire
* AME old school BMX bicycle grips - TRI - RE
* Skyway Wheels and Freewheel and Matching Brake Pads
* Viscount Dyna old school BMX seat
I've had a ton of fun riding it around, it's a great bike!



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Re: 1985 Redline 500a

Very nice score and rebuild. I'm working in Brooklyn now and constantly on the look out. Feeling lucky big_smile



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