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#1 2008-05-29 9:23am

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1968 Schwinn Stingray

1968 Schwinn Stingray

Old jewel about to get new life...    (SOLD)

I was given this old Schwinn by my brother-in-law. He has now idea how long it's been sitting on the side of house... he was just happy to have it taken away. I wasn't sure at first what the year was... but it looked like it had some potential. As it turns out it's a 1968 Stingray model... I plan on turning this bike into the envy of all the neighborhood kids... while having a little fun in the process... may be a banana seat is in order... Stay tuned. I'll post new photos along the way... they don't make em' like this any more. This bike is built like a sherman tank.

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#2 2008-05-29 9:04pm

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Re: 1968 Schwinn Stingray

Cant wait to see it restored. I wonder how many racers raced their first race on a Schwinn?. My first race was on a Schwinn Stingray. Yeah 4 1/2 cranks and all lol or whatever they were.



#3 2008-05-30 7:58pm

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Re: 1968 Schwinn Stingray

HELLS yes, I had a bike like that!

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#4 2008-10-08 11:00am

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Re: 1968 Schwinn Stingray

Hi there,
I have a Schwinn Tornado in pretty good shape, but I need that chain gaurd you have. Its the one part I dont have. The metal fenders are still good and so is the number plate. Did you paint over it? I hope not. Can I buy the chain guard from you to complete my bike? Let me know please.




#5 2011-04-20 8:03pm

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Re: 1968 Schwinn Stingray

Did anyone ever finish this one?

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