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#1 2014-07-26 3:43pm

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1981 GT 26

1981 GT 26

Not really sure why someone added a gusset.

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Yes, I started this website myself, way back in 1999, thanks for sharing my passion about BMX!!



#2 2014-07-26 7:59pm

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Re: 1981 GT 26

Early GT`s liked to snap off at the head tube. I used to own one that had snapped off the head tube completely and was rewelded.
The gusset was added for extra strength.

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#3 2014-07-27 1:44pm

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Re: 1981 GT 26

Plus Gusset plates are cool! lol



#4 2014-08-08 7:08am

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Re: 1981 GT 26

yea looks like a break repair to me, my friend had a hutch that snapped in half right there, and I had a murray x24 the broke there are well

Yeah bikes are cool.
Anyone in the Cincinnati Ohio area into old BMX let me know,
I am always looks to upgrade the parts on my bikes.



#5 2015-07-19 9:34am

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Re: 1981 GT 26

lollol Hey Bartenational, wouldn't surprise me if ALL Murrays broke in half! lollollol

I should diet becuz I can't see my thing.

Looking for a '79 or '80 Redline MXII with the common crack on the back of the seat mast



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