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#1 2014-07-15 7:47am

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1984 VDC Gorila 24

1984 VDC Gorila 24

One of the best early 24 inch BMX's

Sometimes you just strike it LUCKY!!!
My Daughter found this frame and forks on Ebay struck a deal and sent me to meet the guy to collect for my birthday, she had seen me looking at VDC on the museum and kept an eye out for one for a couple of years, on arrival he explained he had bought it 25 years ago but never got around to building it and to top it off he had kept it in his airing cupboard.
I built the wheels this week with a fresh set of bullseye and some 7 x's tied together with some black spokes.
Some of you may have seen this bike before but in a different guise but now it's finished and off to the Olympic park in London for it's first shake down



#2 2014-07-15 9:39am

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Re: 1984 VDC Gorila 24

Mad props to your daughter!

It's an internet chat board.  Relax.



#3 2014-07-15 10:37am

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Re: 1984 VDC Gorila 24

Beautiful build. It sounds like you have an awesome daughter as well. Congrats. big_smile

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#4 2014-07-15 11:34am

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Re: 1984 VDC Gorila 24

Thought it looked familiar. Looks good
being done. Never hurts to have another VDC on the Museum.

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#5 2014-07-15 3:16pm

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Re: 1984 VDC Gorila 24

You lucky Duck!

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#6 2014-07-15 3:51pm

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Re: 1984 VDC Gorila 24

Nice score!check out the boss I got this weekend



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