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#1 2014-07-13 1:36pm

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1976 FMF Team Replica

1976 FMF Team Replica

Golden Oldie 1

I found this frame about a year ago and have been building her up slowly ever since. I tried to stay as era correct as possible and I'm happy with how she turned out.
  *  1976 FMF Team Replica Frame  *  Redline Nickel Forks  *  Schwinn Seat Post  *  Schwinn Seat  *  Schwinn OPC  *  Schwinn Sprocket  *  DC 2-Pc. Seat Clamp  *  Araya NOS 7B's  *  Carlisle MX200 Tires  *  Shimano LF Hubs  *  Shimano Tourney Brake  *  Race Inc. Bars  *  Emgo Grips  *  Cebe Double Clamp Stem  *  Rat Trap pedals

Looking for: Rampar aluminum BMX Frame (looks like Race Inc. Jr), Race Inc. forks, Cycle Pro Foiler's, Spoiler's, Laguna GT's & FMF's in original finish. Needed: Shimano DX or PD pedals blue, IRC Snakebelly 1.75".



#2 2014-07-14 3:32am

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Re: 1976 FMF Team Replica

Wow, and another gold one. Very clean looking.

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



#3 2015-09-29 5:35am

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Re: 1976 FMF Team Replica

Awesome bike as usual.



#4 2015-11-03 2:47pm

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Re: 1976 FMF Team Replica


Does the tourney brake system come with clamps for the stay tubes or did you have to find adapters?

If you can't acknowledge my order & hard earned money spent on your goods, i can't help with your feedback




#5 2017-01-03 6:23pm

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Re: 1976 FMF Team Replica

if you ever sell.. remember, i'm in Colorado, quick trip, quick cash!!


ISO GOLD ANO FMF! ((Or Gold!!)) I always leave feedback,,,why don't you??



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