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1983 Tahoe Racing

#1 2014-06-28 8:29pm

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1983 Tahoe Racing

1983 Tahoe Racing

Mini Rare Racer!

1983 Tahoe Racing 20" SOLD
There's a bike shop in town that had this hanging from their rafters the last couple of years and I decided to buy it.  I didn't know how rare this bike was until I started doing a little research and asking you guys on the site.  I'll list parts below and if anything's not correct please let me know.
F/F - Tahoe
Wheels - Ukai 20x 1 1/8 rims (super skinny) with Suzue hubs
Pedals - HTI - P15
Cranks - Super Maxy (Gold)
Chain Ring - Pete's Precision Products
Seat - Uni
Stem - Redline Brute
Bars - Powerlite Bends
Setpost - Suntour



#2 2014-06-29 5:42pm

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Re: 1983 Tahoe Racing

Awesome bike! But I'd swap out that stem, it probably weighs as much as the rest of the bike lollol
A DK mini or Crupi mini would be sick on this cool build!

LOOKING FOR........ or consider in a Trade ;
-Mint or NOS Blue Cal Lite Johar frame pad.
-National Pro / Pro Neck handle bars straight cross bar
-Black set and Blue set of O wing grips
-mint chrome or alloy rear 901                   
- OG Blue Zeronine Pro XL FF 




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