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#1 2014-06-23 12:08pm

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1984 Takara cruiser/atb

I can't find any info on these or any others like it so I thought I should post it up for the cruiser guys who also think bikes like this are cool.
Everything seems to be stamped '84 so I'm certain of its age. It's a strange bike though. I'm pretty sure Takara had mountain bikes around this time so this might of been put out as an affordable 5 speed cruiser to compete with bikes like the king sting, mongoose and gt atb/cruisers.
The parts are all knock off bmx components: fuan grips, mx chang star brakes, and sumo 7x rims.
I think it's a cool bike, my plans are to keep it original. Not sure about what kind of seat or derailleur it had. And also getting some lime green cable housing.
Any info on it or old takara catalog scans would be great.



#2 2014-11-09 8:12pm

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Re: 1984 Takara cruiser/atb

That's a really cool bike!!  Takara was definitely in the MTB market at this time because I have a 1983 (could be a 1984 model year) Takara Highlander MTB.  The Highlander was a full-blown MTB with cro-moly maintubes, Takagi crankset, Suntour derailleurs and Dia-Compe brakes.  Your bike is similar to the Highlander and I would guess it was a lower level non-MTB version of the Highlander, for more casual riders rather than enthusiasts.  It's hard to tell from the angle but it appears that your bike has a much steeper head tube angle, unlike most other MTB's in 1984.  That also makes me think it was more of a city or town bike than an MTB.   

Very cool find and I would absolutely love to have a cro-moly version of that bike with modern components!

Here's my Highlander.  I've converted it to a single-speed.



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