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#1 2014-05-22 2:34pm

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2013 Failure Mainiac

2013 Failure Mainiac

New school built up with mid school style

Always eyed this frame at the LBS, and finally decided to do my first new school bike, I have certain tastes due to my era, so I kept with it as much as I could on this bike.

Parts list
Fork - SundayHeadset - Ody integrated goldStem - STLN TLBars - Deadman 9inGrips - Primo StrickerEnds - ODILever - Dia Compe Tech77Cable - Ody SlickBrake - Dia Compe HombreWheels - 48 CP Sun BCL, BOps hubsTires - Primo V Monster 2Crank - Sunday SakerSprocket - Sunday SabretoothPedals - Ody TwistedChain - Ody goldSeat - Ody AitkenPost - Sunlite micro adjust

Collection Complete. If you want to see my actual bikes I stopped adding to MY BIKES because of hassle of uploading

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#2 2014-05-22 4:48pm

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

Sweet! cool

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#3 2014-05-22 5:53pm

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

Nice build! Deadman bars look great on that big_smile

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#4 2015-12-27 4:39am

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

Looking good,   I like that seat
Post, new school low frames
make it rough riding 6 miles to work...

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#5 2016-05-01 8:58pm

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

Nice looking NS bike.

Old school Sherwood Park.



#6 2017-06-19 4:14am

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

I love the color on this frame!

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#7 2018-11-29 12:20pm

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Re: 2013 Failure Mainiac

cool bike



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