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#176 2018-05-11 5:53pm

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Re: Darth Treadmill

Thats awesome



#177 2018-05-12 4:45am

Pro MemberMinivan McCormick
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Re: Darth Treadmill

oh, hell YEAH!!  cool

WANTED: 1989 GT Pro Freestyle Tour.

I love pretzels and drain pipes.



#178 2018-05-12 5:23am

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Re: Darth Treadmill

DarthBatman wrote:

So the wife got this treadmill.  She is on some kick and seems to think we BOTH need to get into shape. 

She said, “Ya know, if you would grow up and didn’t waste so much time tinkering with BMX bikes, drinking beer, and watching things like Star Wars, you would probably have time to get into shape.  You need to put that treadmill to good use!”

Challenge accepted!

http://ryancassidyphotography.zenfolio. … 8717-5.jpg

That is f@cking great!!!!!

Mikey.... Good Gorilla.



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