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2014 Fit Mac

#1 2014-04-13 5:57pm

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2014 Fit Mac

2014 Fit Mac

I love the feel of this one with the really tall front end and the short back end. It has tons of pop!!

Frame: Fit Mac 21.125 in trans Trans Ice Blue
Forks: Odyssey R32
Bars: Fit Mac in Trans Ice Blue
Stem: Fit High Top 55mm
Rear Wheel: Gsport Rollcage laced to Antigram
Front Wheel: Gsport Rollcage laced to Vandero2
Tires: BSD Donnasqueak 2.25
Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin
Sprocket: Subrosa Bandit
Pedals: Premium Slims
Seat/Post: Shadow Tripod/Demolition
Brakes: Evo2's

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