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1986 Quentin Streetdancer

#1 2014-04-06 6:24pm

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1986 Quentin Streetdancer

1986 Quentin Streetdancer

Super rare Twin Tube Freestyler BMX

Found at auction for $50.00. Going to start working on this as soon as I finish posting, this bike is as original and stock as they get. I am planning on selling once finished, although I have said that a lot and ended up keeping after I see how nice they look done. I think the chrome will clean up like new, don't see any peeling or pitted chrome as of now. The tires will need replacing and will try finding green skinwalls like the originals. The bike reminds me of a Torker or Osborne, but with a cooler name. I think besides the frame the killer piece is the green ACS Rotar Stem. Not sure if I ever seen one in green?



#2 2014-12-31 3:17pm

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Re: 1986 Quentin Streetdancer

sweet bike man!!  I love these!  I do think yours is actually an 87 though!!  your frame doesnt have the rear platforms or the frame stander on the rear brake mount.


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