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1986 Haro Group 1 RS1  RSS Feed

#26 2018-07-21 9:22am

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Re: 1986 Haro Group 1 RS1

WOW...Very Clean, Awesome Build....great colors... Not over restored.....looks like a pure badass racing machine from the 1980's...Well Done!!!!!!

Stay RAD My Friends....



#27 2018-08-22 6:21pm

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From: Tyngsboro, MA
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Re: 1986 Haro Group 1 RS1

Badass.  Beautiful bike.

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#28 2018-09-14 3:04am

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Re: 1986 Haro Group 1 RS1

I'm not into haro or old school but this things an eye catcher. Beautiful cool

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#29 2018-11-28 11:23am

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Re: 1986 Haro Group 1 RS1

Absolutely beautiful!



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