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#1 2014-01-28 2:20pm

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1980 GT Pro

1980 GT Pro

1980 5 digit serial number GT PRO

Very Early GT PRO that was found here on the museum in need of a little TLC. Frame has a American BB, 18.5 TT, with the thin down tube and the serial number on the inside right dropout. Based on the serial number and those on the discussion board it is believed to be a 1980 5 digit serial number GT. The frame was in good condition when found and appeared to have had only minor use. The frame did have little, to no plating left on it though. I had the remaining old chrome stripped and had the Frame Doctor do a couple of minor repairs and clean the dropouts up. After that I had the frame triple chrome plated I applied reproduction Santa Ana decals. There was only the faint stain from the original down tube decal when I got the frame. The member I got the frame from said it was found in a shed in California with a bunch of 1970's frames. There is another one on the museum that has a serial number very close to this one with original Santa Ana decals and a Euro BB. I have a set of early nos undrilled forks to go with the frame and I look forward to building it here in the near future.

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#2 2014-01-28 7:22pm

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Re: 1980 GT Pro

Beautyfull restore. should make a great piece to a collection I'm currently restoring a 98 Vertigo check it out let me know what u think.

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#3 2014-01-29 9:37am

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Re: 1980 GT Pro

After cross referencing that serial number with other 1980 GT pro, I believe the serial reads Sept. 1980

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#4 2014-01-30 9:39am

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Re: 1980 GT Pro


43! Ahahahahahaha... 43.

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#5 2014-05-26 5:59pm

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Re: 1980 GT Pro

Very nice.



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