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Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

#51 2010-11-27 10:34am

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

butlerglc wrote:

Tatersalad!! wrote:

When printing shipping labels at home (from PayPal or what kind on paper stock do you use? (brand etc.)

I do not have a "label" printer, just a normal color printer. I would imagine there is a pre-cut, self adhesive type paper... but what dimension is correct?

Do I need two different sized pre-cut label stock for :
1) Delivery confirmation shipping
2) parcel post shipping labels?

And what happens if my printer or I screw up the print job? Can you re print the same shipping label without being charged twice? I would imagine that is not an issue, but having never used the on line purchase of postage... I think it is a good question.  I am way behind the times in this area of life. Old school I guess. smile Heck... I still love coaster brakes... difficult to change some things you know.

Thanks in advance for any help. big_smile

I just use regular paper and tape it on with clear tape. if you screw up you can reprint by either going back to the transaction of the print job and there with be a reprint label tab. I have had to use it many times. glad you are considering using the online postage. It saves me so much time. I rarely ever go to the post office anymore. They pick up all my stuff at my front doorstep. feel free to contact me with any questions , I would be glad to help u out!

Thanks for the info. I am doomed to a life of going to the post office. Our house is remote enough that I must use a PO box... so no escape there... but the ease of labels is appealing enough to make me want to give the "click and ship" a try.

And so far nobody has mentioned APC machines (Automated Postal Center)?? Great for shipping after hours and weekends.

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

SCIVIC94 wrote:

paypal printed usps labels are not always cheaper. alot of people on here have complained about getting item back for insufficent postage. so dont state what is not always true.

As many times as I have used this service, it has never happened to me. I would imagine that problem may be due to improper weight when doing the label.

As far as tape goes, if you ship Priority alot/all the time, you can get free Priority tape from USPS as well as the boxes.



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Thank you for the info!



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

swami89 wrote:

Leatherman wrote:

"As a seller every item sold on ebay valued under $250 has to have delievery confirmation or a tracking number that way you show you have proof of shipping it and the buyer recieving it"....

This is a great well informed article yet i just wanted to point out that USPS tracking numbers are useless once that item crosses the border into Canada. Canada post and USPS to not work together in this regard. I know UPS items shipped to Canada provide useable tracking info and that should be the way you ship to Canada to avoid any issues.

That is GREAT info to have thanks!  Just sent a package to Australia with USPS and they told me that the Customs form number also works as a tracking number...any experience with that?

Australia Post WILL NOT touch a customs no.    they have no interest in it and CANT track it, so please remember shipping to Aust, your customs number means nothing and cant be tracked within Australia, just send Sig required at other end, we are paying for it remember....

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#55 2010-12-30 8:44am

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Very Good Tips Steven!!! I also wanted to make a note that shipping to Hawaii using Priority Flat Rate Boxes prices are the same as shipping to the other states (for people who didn't/don't know that Hawaii is the 50th State)

As for delivery conformation, I NEVER use that, due to the fact I had bought some parts here & I'd never receive them. I called USPS, gave them the "delivery confirmation number" They called me back the next day to tell me that the postman said he delivered it. I asked  "What is it actually confirming?" 'How would I know if the postman didn't steal it & he/she said it got delivered?" I said to the USPS rep. "I'm paying for a service for nothing, because, isn't it the postman's job to deliver it to the right destination." 

The problem with " delivery confirmation" is that the postman can leave it in your mailbox or in front of your doorstep (if no one's home) WITHOUT CONFIRMING OR ANY PROOF OF DELIVERY, so  technically, there's NO PROOF other than their word.

PAY the $2.35 for Signature Confirmation, so you know the other party received it. Also, as Steven pointed out, PAY for Insurance as well. This will protect both, seller as well as the buyer when items are being shipped (especially crossing the Pacific Ocean)


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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

They've figured out that people were taking Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, turning them inside-out, and using them for shipping at a lower rate. Now, they print "Priority Mail" in a redundant pattern on the INSIDE of those boxes, too. I tried the two-boxes together trick for bars today, and it wouldn't fly. I ended up paying almost $20ea for the odd-sized boxes to be shipped Priority.

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Has anyone shipped rims & tires together in a box, if so, what size box did you use? Thanks!

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

fuzzylogic wrote:

Has anyone shipped rims & tires together in a box, if so, what size box did you use? Thanks!

I used a computer box from best buy. worked perfect.

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#59 2011-03-02 9:19pm

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

you learn something every day.. thanks for the info

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#60 2011-03-20 6:44am

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

stevenbven wrote:

how to make sure you have things covered

If you are out of the country or pay with a credit card when gifting funds the buyer ends up paying the fees.

Not entirely true. I just sent someone in the UK a gifted payment using my Visa through paypal. I had the option of picking up the fee, which I did. There is an option for the sender or giftee to pay the fee.

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Updates to the eBay Buyer Protection and Privacy Policies 31 Mar 11

We are making updates to the eBay Buyer Protection Policy, as well as the eBay Privacy Policy, and would like to make sure you are aware of the changes. These updates go into effect for existing customers on June 20.

eBay Buyer Protection

In the event you need help with a purchase on eBay, we've got you covered. eBay Buyer Protection is fast, easy, and free, and covers the purchase price of an item plus original shipping when buyers and sellers need eBay to step in to help resolve a problem with an item not received or not as described in the listing.

Here are a few important updates to the eBay Buyer Protection Policy:

To make sure returned items are delivered correctly, sellers are required to maintain a valid and current return address on file. You can update your return address online via My eBay by selecting Account > Addresses, then clicking Change next to the Primary return address field.

For items that are event tickets listed under the Tickets category, a case may be opened until 7 days after the event date, even if that's more than 45 days from purchase date.

If an item is re-shipped after being received at the address in the Order details page or PayPal Transaction Details page, it won't be eligible for eBay Buyer Protection Policy coverage.

We reserve the right to suspend a buyer's coverage under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy if we suspect that buyer is colluding with a seller to misdeclare the value or type of an item for evading customs fees.

In order to be protected from a case when a buyer reports an item was not received, sellers must provide valid delivery confirmation before the case is escalated to eBay for a final decision.

If the buyer successfully appeals a case and receives a refund from eBay, and the seller's refund failed, was canceled, or did not complete after the case was closed, the seller will be required to reimburse eBay.

To help buyers and sellers resolve a case, eBay may provide or give them access to each other's name, user ID, email address, other contact information, and other information relating to the case, including any relevant documentation obtained from a third party.

When deciding a case, eBay may review item details, messages between the buyer and seller in eBay Messages, seller responses to questions, and other sources of information related to the case.

eBay Privacy Policy

eBay has always believed in the importance of clear, concise, and transparent privacy policies and practices. We are updating the Privacy Policy to provide even greater clarity regarding management of our customers' personal information on, as well as the tools and applications we provide.

We are introducing and implementing Binding Corporate Rules, which are a strict set of rules and procedures that ensure a consistent and high standard of protection for individuals' personal information.
The scope of the policy has been expanded so that it is clear that the commitments made also apply to the tools, applications, and services eBay provides beyond its websites.

We have provided more detail to give customers a better understanding of how we use data to ensure the integrity of our site, and in the event we need to contact you regarding a transaction.

We may use third-party identity services such as Facebook Connect to enable you to sign-on to eBay, and provide tools that will enable you to use data you have collected on other sites to improve your shopping experience on eBay.

You can find the new Privacy Policy here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. While we do everything possible to ensure open and transparent privacy practices, if you choose not to accept the new terms, visit this page for further direction.

Thank you for being a part of the eBay community.


Scott Shipman, J.D., CIPP
Associate General Counsel, Global Privacy Leader
eBay Inc.    Heraldo Botelho
Policy Manager, eBay Buyer Protection
eBay Inc.

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#62 2011-05-05 2:54pm

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Im not in the US but still great info as a buyer to know the ins and outs,does and donts




#63 2011-05-07 4:49pm

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

thx for the advice ...gotta start sellin some stuff off and wasnt sure where to start...thx!



#64 2011-05-24 12:00pm

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

I've learned so much about shipping framesets from the USA to Australia over the last two weeks, I decided I better share it.

1.  There is no "Surface" option for shipping to Australia anymore.  Priority Mail is where the service starts.

2.  Cutting down a "bike" box to fit a frame going to Australia is difficult to do.   Your box must have a max length of 42", then "length plus girth" must be less than 79".  Girth is measured by wrapping a flexible tape measure completely around the four shorter sides of the box.   

So, if you have a bike box that measures 42" long (I happened to have one - it was an 18" bike), and it is 8" wide, you would need to cut it down to 10" tall to make it under the 79" total rule  (42 + 8 + 10 + 8 +10 = 78).   But that won't be tall enough.  You'll end up cutting the length too, and really a width of 8" is too wide for just a frame.    An FBM frame box that I have measures 38" x 14" x 6".     This is the perfect size because 38 + 14 + 6 + 14 + 6 = 78" - just under the limit of 79".

I found a box from Uline that works. … ated-Boxes  it is 36" x 16 x 5.  (again, 78" total.)  The 5" width is kind of narrow though.  Doesn't leave much room for a foam wrap around the frame.  Basically leaves no room for bubble wrap if you were thinking you should bubble wrap it.   I recently managed to fit a Reynolds Racing Fresh 40 frame in this 36" box, so I do think it will fit most BMX frames.  (May not fit a Rap 42 or a 22" TT Cruiser frame.)   This box is currently only $2.11 each, with a minimum qty of 15.  If you are near a Uline facility, you can pick up the boxes to save the shipping costs, otherwise there is no min order from Uline, so you can have them ship the bundle of boxes to you pretty reasonalbly also. 

This is an aside:  Uline has Bike boxes too - one size is on sale right now for $6.56 each, min qty of 5. … ckSearch=N

While you are at it - get a carton sizer for $17.

3. The shipping costs: a 10 lb box (that meets the 79" rule) will cost you $70.68 via Priority Mail, paid online.  If you want to insure the package, you can now purchase it online (this has recently changed.) $5.60 for $299 worth of insurance).

A 13 lb box (that meets the 79" rule) will cost you $85.64 via Priority Mail, paid online.

4.  USPS is still the best way to ship.  I checked out UPS, FedEx and DHL, and they wanted literally HUNDREDS of dollars to ship the same carton.

Aside #2 - shipping to England does not require that your box meet the 79" Length-plus-girth rule.  The Max Length can be up to 60" and the max total Length-plus-girth is 108".

Aside #3 - When shipping domestically, here are some guidelines to follow.  Remember, prices & rules constantly change, so keep up to date on

•Package - A package is a parcel less than 84" when you add the length + girth. Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.

•Large Package - A Large Package is a parcel where the length + girth is over 84" and less than or equal to 108". Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.

•Very Large Package - A Very Large Package is a parcel where the length + girth is over 108" and less than or equal to 130". Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.

•Package/Thick envelope - A package is a parcel less than 84" when you add the length + girth. Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the two smaller sides of a package. A Thick envelope is a large envelope exceeding 3/4" thickness.



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Got my game up!

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

great info just need tip for australia



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

How about a breakdown of pros and cons for customer protection on purchases.  Meaning, using Paypal, Money Order, Visa/Master Card, other... and comparing the benefits of using one over the other and drawbacks to of course. Same for Seller, a breakdown of those same details as a benefit for a sellers responsibility and loss money due to a smart crook.

For Example for a Customer's point of view:
Paypal is the best of all money transfer in most cases because...
Money Order is the second best money transfer because...
Cash is the worst way to send money and here's why...

For Example from a Seller's point of view:
Paypal is best to charge and ship out because...
Paypal is best to charge but using Fedex is best for...

Short and sweet.

Thanks for all the above info. everyone.



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping


USPS offers flat rate Legal envelopes now fit 1 piece cranks price of shipping $5 in the states
Also NEW bubble wrap flat rate envelopes good for seats cranks cost $4.95 to ship
cheapest way for pedals and stems small flat rate boxes $5 to ship

PM me for feedback after you receive your item I will leave it.

same Stevenbven on ebay you want it here instead message me here. Thanks



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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Great thread cool

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Thanks for the tips

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Excellent advise, Steven - thanks mate.



#72 2011-12-28 8:37am

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Also the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box cannot be modified at all or it loses its flat rate and goes by weight. I had one that was only half full and didnt have any packing material so I slit the sides and folded them down to make the 6" box only 4" tall and ended up paying almost twice the postageon it.



#73 2012-01-16 3:56pm

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

Thanks for the tip[s]

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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping




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Re: Helpful Tips For ebay/Paypal/Shipping

anyone use netspend card to card transfers,

just call me papi now, just papi.



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