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#1 2014-01-02 5:21pm

From: True Torch Santa Ana, CA
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1978 Powerlite

1978 Powerlite

This is another very early production 1978 Powerlite frame with the left over Peddlepower square brake bridge. Round brake bridges were in production as of March.

I handle sales and marketing at True Torch. We have almost 40 years experience fabricating BMX bikes. We do custom builds and repairs but our overhead is not paid via BMX.
Personally, I'm a total Peddlepower and early Powerlite junkie. Always looking for '83 and older
Check out my Peddlepower 26" tribute frame set.
Looking for:
Peddlepower and Powerlite parts. I need 24" & 26" Powerlite forks.
Single red 20" Snake Belly in very good condition
OG vinyl Powerlite pads



#2 2014-01-03 2:30pm

From: North Cackalacky
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Re: 1978 Powerlite

Where do you find this rare stuff? yikes

Nice. cool

44t BMX Club - NC Chapter

"Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the the minds of 11 year olds that could see that potential."
Craig Stecyk - Skateboarder Magazine - 1975



#3 2014-01-04 2:39am

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Re: 1978 Powerlite


"Ride it like you're riding after the dude who stole it."

Looking for a USA-made pre 1981 Redline MXII f/f with original black paint and decals.



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