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#1 2013-12-25 5:58pm

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1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak

1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak

bought as a frame

Sold Sold Sold I was bored and had a few piles of parts... Well you guys know what happens.

WANTED: Blue Tuff II's, a good cruiser project or complete.
Sell me your mics decal lots!
Comment on my bikes I want to hear your feedback and fave my stuffs...

Just another brick in the wall...
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#2 2014-03-11 5:54am

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Re: 1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak

Need better pics, cant see detail

Need parts list

LOOKING FOR........   And or Trade items  very clean, mint condition
-Profile seat post decal
-Black Kuwahara Lightening bolt stem pad        -National Pro / Pro Neck handle bars, 28" wide
-Silver Kuwahara Lightening bolt stem pad        -Black set and Blue set of O wing grips




#3 2014-03-13 4:09pm

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Re: 1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak

I give ya props for simply having some esthetic sensibility.  Personally I don't shive a get about catalog building, I think piecing together non catalog builds ends  up more interesting on average.  And yours is interesting in a good way.  The simplicity of the piece as a whole works well and surprisingly, I like the kneesavers on it!  Good job with a frame and a pile of parts!!! big_smile

HUTCH please, neat or on the rocks;  black'n'chrome or chrome'n'black, pure and savoring a 20 year old single malt Scotch.  If I wanted a candy color flavor, I'd have ordered a glass of Haro.

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