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#1 2013-11-28 3:14pm

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1987 General Osborn Pro

1987 General Osborn Pro

twin top tube beauty

got this from my step bro it's  super clean. parts are, osborn pro f/f, chrome hutch western stem,acs rotor, tech 77 levers,with dia compe brakes, vans kool stop shoe brake pads, red dice cable crimps,unknown freestyle bars, ame waffle grips,dia compe butterfly seat clamp,dyno drainpipe seat post,dominator seat, red cheng shin tires, tioga spider and tioga cd crank, wellgo beartrap pedals,peregrine 48s, and yellow dice valve caps....still have parts to add but its a work in progress..... special thanks to piznall 712 for all the time ,effort ,and help he has put into this build with me to get it in the current state its in

Wanted: damaged pre 85 pk ripper frame



#2 2013-11-28 4:08pm

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Re: 1987 General Osborn Pro

raul wrote:

There were a few black late '87 f/f sets that had the '87 decals. These all came with the '88 appointments you mentioned (no gusset holes, coaster tab, etc.). There were also red f/f with the same appointments. Both of these were only sold as a f/f set, not completes.

My best guess is that these were done late in '87, when General was starting to feel the crunch of the bmx industry dying. These same f/fs were then later restickered with the '88 decals.

In years of looking, this is the only stock photo I've found on any General literature that shows these two rare Generals. This scan is from an '87 dealer sheet I have.

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#3 2013-11-29 9:03am

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Re: 1987 General Osborn Pro

ah my bikes fraternal twin brother. smile

Was Looking for an RL20ii...Was looking for a master or sport.  Now looking for a Trickstar.



#4 2013-12-12 7:11pm

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Re: 1987 General Osborn Pro

One of my all time favorites. had a white one way back when. hustler pro osborn signature I have is closest I'll get to having it again but I love the hustler so much it's close enough. this is a real cool bike tim.



#5 2014-01-09 11:54am

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Re: 1987 General Osborn Pro


Anything is negotiable.



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