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#1 2008-05-01 12:13pm

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1977 G-Boy

1977 G-Boy

This is one of the rarest Old School BMX bike you will ever see.

This was my old School BMX bike that I used to race with my brothers back in the day. I bought the frame new from the local bike shop that we raced for and never heard of the brand but it looked Cool. I remember back then the frame cost me around $300.00 plus and had to build the entire back from scratch putting on different parts that I liked back then that looked cool. The forks are by Race inc., the goose neck is by Red Line and the rims are ACS Z rims with colored spokes and blue Dae Yung tires and a DGC bike chain.The brake system is a Shimano DX. I have V neck handlebars with an original Red Line Frame pad. The only thing wrong with the bike except that is been in my parents garage for the past 30 years is that when I lowered the seat post down I have never been able to rise it up again. I rembered I took it too a local bike shop whith my parents and they could not get the seat post any higher than it is. I noticed that the seat post is a very wide compared to most bikes. I hope one day I can get the seat post raised and start riding it again.



#2 2008-06-02 2:37pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Definitely let me know when you want to sell.  I have most of the bikes on my "to own" list, but a G-Boy has eluded me so far.


Cool ride for sure!

Robot out....



#3 2008-10-23 10:59am

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

love the store grate to get the history of this cool bike! PS sounds like the seat post had metal sez. just spray lube down it then heat up the seat  tube to brake sez. thats what I did to a race inc same typ of frame.

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#4 2008-10-30 2:23pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Hi I am trying to get a history of these bikes together, could you pleasesend me any information that you know about Gboy and I am also trying to gather information about their serial numbers.

mine is a 1977 stout serial 78 1552, seems odd to me that a 1977 bike starts with 78. anyway that's what I'm trying to figure out. yours also has the longer gussett.

Thanks for your time.




#5 2009-01-31 12:29pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Hang on to that bike for ever , i would . I still have my Foiler from when i was a kid - not too many things survived my childhood . Awesome bike

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#6 2010-03-22 8:18am

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Dont sell that bike, pass it down to your kids or whatever but keep it in the family. My VDC is gonna be willed to my kid.LOL
sounds like what was said up above two different metals will almost weld each other together. Try this stuff called PB blast it is really good. Try that before trying to apply heat. When/if you do apply heat to the bike keep the torch on a low flame. I would also take out the Bottom Bracket with both methods of removal.



#7 2010-08-05 12:34pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

sounds like the seatpost is ruted in, i had the same problem with my pro performer

i am looking for any old school GT Dyno or Redline bikes if u have any that you are willing to trade hit me up thnx



#8 2010-10-12 1:11pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

How cool is it to have your old race bike from 3 decades ago. It still looks great and has a terrific history.



#9 2013-09-03 11:48am

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Very cool bmx!  Great to see an unrestored example with some personality, origionality, and a story to tell...  Looks amazing ~ everything about it is perfect  smile



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