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1980 Mongoose Motomag

#1 2013-11-06 11:00am

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1980 Mongoose Motomag

1980 Mongoose Motomag

Special Order Black Motomag Survivor with Yellow Tuff I's, Pad Set and Factory Grips in Yellow

The owners manual was hanging from the bars and it still has the factory grease on the chain. A Christmas present from December 25, 1980, it must have sat in "Little Johnny's" room until he went off to college or in a heated garage until the day it was donated to Kraynick's Bile Shop in Pittsburgh, PA last month. I offered Gerry, the shop owner, a very decent price for it and brought it home. It still has the chain guard on it and is the most pristine 100% original survivor I have ever owned!

Here is something funny. In 1980, I wanted this exact bike in black and yellow but it was way out of my league. My folks got me a Huffy Pro Thunder IV in Black and Yellow with Lester Mags and those crappy yellow knock off grips that attempted to mimic the Mongoose factory grips. Within six months, that Huffy was so bent out of shape, that I could barely ride it. One day, coming home from the "jumps", a Cadillac hit me and knocked me into the front yard of the house I was riding past. The lady that hit me was stone drunk and she completely totaled my Huffy. Balling, she thought she had killed me but I was pissed that she wrecked my bike. She gave me a 100.00 dollars right there. I bought a Scorpion SX- red with Yellow Araya Rims and Suzue hubs- that weekend. Funny thing is even after that bike was totaled, the Lester mags were still true- bomb proof just like the Mongoose "Spider Mags" as we used to call the Motomag. Anyway, I digress. This 1980 Motomag is a pretty rare survivor wouldn't you say?SOLD

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Re: 1980 Mongoose Motomag

hi, great bike,

I have an original manual for team, I also have a motomag and I would like to have at least a complete picture of the manual. thank you for your help.





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