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#1 2013-10-29 7:41am

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1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

The Original 26" BMX Cruiser *SOLD*

I'd been fired up to find a 1977 Littlejohn Fireroad Cruiser with original paint for a while. During one of my cracked out Sherlock Chromes research nights, I discovered that the earliest advertisement/mention of a 26" cruiser actually made by a BMX company was in June of 1977 when Peddlers West "Introduced" the Gary Littlejohn Fireroad cruiser. The 77's came with 13/16" seat tubes, no brake bridge, thicker rear dropouts, and capped rear stays that have a wider spacing at the top loop. After that the frames got more streamlined along with 7/8" seat tubes, thinner dropouts, and chromoly options.
Being an early frame I wanted to keep this build in the 1977/78 range, before the lightweight and anodized colored parts era. Sort of a tribute to where the 26" bmx cruisers started.
I want to send a thanks out to Mike in San Diego, Larock, Joe Buffardi, Robert Nonamecruiser, Locort, Patxi, Eddie sr505, & MarkMc. These guys helped me with the parts I needed & tipped me off when they found what I was looking for. Thanks fellas!

'77 Littlejohn Fireroad frame
'78 Cook Bros beach cruiser fork
CeBe/Slimline stem with Mathews clamps
'74 CZ 250 handlebars with Mach grips
Takagi 118 bcd chainring, spider & bolts
Takagi MX crank
KKT B-MX pedals
D.I.D. chain
Persons saddle w/Lucky 7 seat post
Schwinn seat clamp
Araya steel rims, Shimano MX hubs, .105 gauge spokes
Uniroyal Nobby tires

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#2 2013-10-29 7:45am

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Re: 1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

Instant Favorite , looks great . cool

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#3 2013-10-29 8:27am

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Re: 1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

Very nice!!

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#4 2013-10-29 3:43pm

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Re: 1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

that's beautiful

"Ride it like you're riding after the dude who stole it."

Looking for a USA-made pre 1981 Redline MXII f/f with original black paint and decals.



#5 2014-06-04 10:21pm

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Re: 1977 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad 26

nice Ryan

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