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2001 Mosh Method 1 Star

#1 2013-10-21 12:21am

Uncle Benni
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2001 Mosh Method 1 Star

2001 Mosh Method 1 Star

MY First Bike

This is my first bike I got when i was 15, It was all I could afford, Its a low end bike but it did the job, Iv'e racked up some miles on this and had a handful of nasty crashes too and its still kicking.

This was the first bike I ever tried to restore although no to original I think it looks nice. The Frame is HI-tensile Steel and it's a bit heavy despite its simple frame shape.
Its a 1" head tube, I bent the cranks jumping stairs, and replaced it with these cool RED LINE Small Block crank, which the logo was not rubbed away would have been nice.
The new parts are NewSkool, Its kind of an experiment.

MidSkool is my OldSkool
  OldSkool is Vintage
       ___        ___



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