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1995 Mongoose Menace

1995 Mongoose Menace

Got from Sue in San Ramon, Ca., a Craigslist find.   Bike was her Son'S Bike.   I used to have A 1996 Blue/Chrome One.   

Bike needed:   Grips, Tires/Tubes, And a NEW Rear Brake Assembly.  Got AME Grips($5.00), Forte Tubes, 2, ($10.00), Tires are Intense MK2 Wire Bead Tires($20.00), and Rear Brake Assembly Tektro Oryx($20.00).  Bike has a SICK DISTRESSED Paint Job.  Seat is Specialized Made In Italy, a Pro Long Evolution.   Hubs are Sovos.   Frame is 1020 10/20 Hi-Ten.   Made In Taiwan For Service Cycle  Bicycle Company Torrance, CA.   F/W(FreeWheel), The Dealer was Hank & Frank Bicycles Oakland Lafayette Hayward Since 1925.  The Bike ORIGINALLY had Recalled Brakes on it, from 1995.    They WERE:  Shimano MJII Ailgment SLR BrimJons-M.   If thats any help!!!  SOLD!!!

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