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#26 2008-05-01 1:11pm

Museum Addict
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Re: Just got this

I think maybe that's all it's worth.



#27 2008-05-01 1:16pm

Vet Pro
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Re: Just got this

Dont listen to that ignorance these 85 Mach ones go for quite a bit. Besides this one has Pro parts and is basically a Pro. big_smile

Can you ever really have enough GT's?



#28 2008-05-01 2:50pm

BMXer 4 Life
From: Outer Space
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Re: Just got this

I was referring to the pink Gyro that just sold for somewhere around $700.00 on eBay.  I'd be willing to trade a similar one I have mint in the box for your GT.

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Anyone know how to get spray paint out of a baby's eyes?



#29 2008-05-01 8:09pm

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Re: Just got this

This bike is sweet.  That would look great parked between my 85 Performer and my 85 Pro Series.  Clean that baby up.  It looks to be mostly original.

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