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1984 GHP Long

#1 2013-10-07 7:26pm

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1984 GHP Long

1984 GHP Long

This all started with a spray bombed frame....

This bike began after I purchased a white spray bombed frame only from the original owner.  After 6 plus months of gathering parts and a scramble to get it built before the deadline of the 2014 calendar contest build, here's what was created....

1984 GHP Long frame refinished in its original color by C4
NOS VDC made GHP chrome fork
NOS GHP frame/fork decal set
NOS Oakley B1B’s
Rechromed Star Bars
Redline Brute stem
NOS Hatta MX100 headset
NOS Dia Compe Brake set (MX1000 brake, DC cable & Tech 3 lever)
NOS Suntour seat clamp
Rechromed GHP 90 degree seat post
Show mounted Cycle Pro Shotgun II seat
Rechromed 180MM Redline 401 single pinch cranks with double dimple spindle
Redline 42T bubble font gear
Hadley bottom bracket
Rechromed Hutch pedal bodies with NOS polished Hutch pedal cages
KMC chain
NOS Araya 7B rims
NOS Asahi chrome spokes
Phil Wood hubs
NOS Cycle Pro Greg Hill signature snake belly tires

Items of note:  The parts selected for this build were parts used by Greg Hill in the early to mid 80’s.  He ran Phil Hubs prior to SST’s (I would have loved to have a set for this build), Hutch pedals (he actually used a number of pedals during this time period), Araya 7B’s for years, Redline cranks with a 42T gear, Cycle Pro tires and seats, etc.  All parts were OG with the exception of a couple bolts and the two decals (handlebars and crank arms).   



#2 2013-10-07 8:25pm

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Re: 1984 GHP Long

Dang! your bike looks so tough! I'm a little shy of being around when these were being raced but I definitely know who Greg Hill is and him being a racing Legend. I totally appreciate when people put old bikes together. so sick!!



#3 2013-10-08 9:00am

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Re: 1984 GHP Long

Beautiful job Pal.
The 7B's are right on.

Congrats on a beautiful bike.

Looking for:
-Torker Pad Set - Yellow or Blue.
-82-84 Jag BMX Nylon Pad set.



#4 2013-10-08 11:02am

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Re: 1984 GHP Long

funky :cool:

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#5 2013-10-08 5:46pm

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Re: 1984 GHP Long

awesome build !!!

                        JUST SOME OLD GUY WITH HUTCH STUFF...     

44t-Canadian support.                          WANTED :



#6 2013-10-09 9:38am

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Re: 1984 GHP Long


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#7 2017-10-13 9:37am

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Re: 1984 GHP Long

Very nice!!

Wanted: OURY grip jersey patch

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